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Explore the world, Learn, Find and Developing solutions, compete, and build new relations with interested people in your field? All of that is now available with NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE.


NASA SPACE APPS will take place on 2-3 October 2021 as a virtual event, and will be held for the first time ever in Qalioubiah state and hosted by "Horizons team".

New challenges and new opportunities in your hand, it is mean no losers just learners or winners, you can open a lot of doors just by making only one decision, to destroy the barrier of fear and be part of an exceptional global challenge, got chances to meet new people ready to share their experiences.

Despite the event is going to be online, but we promise to build a close community consists of participants, volunteers, judges, mentors in order to provide an amazing experience of your participation at the hackathon with us.

But you may have a question like


Horizons team is a student activity has been established in November 2018 that aims to help high school and university students to explore the world learn, gaining new skills such as, scientific research, programming, design, Artificial Intelligence, Soft skills, etc..., also we are working for creating and providing new opportunities that help them to learn and get build experience, and useful relations that will help them at their career and the whole life.

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Our team has a firm belief that the experience of participating at SPACE APPS CHALLENGE is able to change your whole life for the better, this belief is not imaginary, but that we experienced with our team's members and founders, So we decided to provide this amazing opportunity to more of people in our state and we will guide all of the participants to get the maximum benefits from the participating experience.

What we are intend to present?

We are working hard to provide an amazing experience for all of our participants and help them during this new journey; this journey will start with their questions and inquiries about the event, and we will be there for answering all of your questions instantly through one of communication channels we will provide such as Chatbot, Phone calls, Website, and Chatting.

Helping potential participants is one of the most important missions we have to do to achieve our target (Helping new people to participate at the hackathon and benefit from the opportunity), so we are working to improve the most required skills at the hackathon for them by full-free online workshops during the period before the event, and we arranged several agreements with local and international universities, and organizations to coordinate with us for providing mentors with a very high profile at their careers which will be related to the event's challenges.

Also, we guarantee you high quality and fair judging, because all of our judges have Ph.D., and we promise the winners very valuable prizes.